Revive Antioxidant Facial Polish

Will it be too rough on my skin?

No. It is a gentle exfoliator with organic, natural ingredients. It is gentle enough to use three times a week.

Is your product tested?

Yes, our products are Dermatologist & Allergy tested. 80% of the ingredients on the market have not been tested; ours have.

Does your product contain shea butter?

Our product does not contain shea butter, so it is safe for those with latex and/or nut allergies.

Does this product contain alcohol? Will it dry out my skin?

This product is alcohol free. It will not dry out your skin. It is loaded with powerful antioxidants and vitamin C rich blueberries and cranberries that will help soften your skin. This product is meant to be followed by our serum and moisturizer, both of which are better absorbed after exfoliation.

Is it meant to be used with other products?

Yes. For the best results this polish is meant to be followed by our serum and moisturizer.

Refresh Vitamin C Facial Cleanser

Will it dry or irritate my skin/breakout?

No, our products have been highly tested: Dermatologist tested and Allergy tested.

Does it unclog pores?

Yes, and it balances your skin.

Does it have a fragrance?

Yes, mild. Ylang and Chamomile extract, and it’s all natural.

How long will it last until finished?

Approximately 6 weeks. A little goes a long way.

Is it natural, safe and can I use this during pregnancy?

Yes, its natural and organic. It has been clinically tested for safety. Check with your doctor while pregnant.

Replenish Hyaluronic Serum

Do you see results? Does it work on scars, dark spots/age spots? Hyperpigmentation? Stretch marks?

It is mainly for hydration/anti-wrinkle/plumping the skin/youthfulness.

Does it feel nice when applying to the skin? Is it gel-like or watery? Does it absorb well into the skin w/o residue or other undesirable effects?

It is a thinner/more watery consistency-results in a nicer absorption than the gel-like type. It also has a pleasant smell, some do not.

Does company test on animals? Is it vegan?

No animal testing, vegan.

What is the percentage of hyaluronic acid?

It is 5%.

Can you go in the sun/tanning?

Yes, but it is always recommended to wear sunblock.

Renew Antioxidant Toning Serum

Is it sticky or greasy?

Jovovo Renew Antioxidant Toning Serum goes on smooth. Leaves your skin feeling soft to the touch.

Does it contain Vitamin C?

Jovovo Renew Antioxidant Toning Serum is rich in vitamin C and alcohol free, dpg free and phthalate free fragrance.

Dose it absorb quickly?

Jovovo Renew Antioxidant Toning Serum absorbs quickly and penetrates deep to plump up your skin.

Is it lightweight?

Jovovo Renew Antioxidant Toning Serum is light weight and leaves your skin with a radiant glow. May be used all day for hydration.

Does it work?

Jovovo Renew Antioxidant Toning Serum works! You will be pleased with the effective results of this natural 74% Organic product.

Royal Uplifting Face Cream

What is the full ingredient list?

Please see Ingredients page for more information.

Can I use it morning and night?

For sensitive skin, use only at night; for normal to oily skin can be used morning and night. Can be used under makeup.

Does it have SPF?

Does not contain SPF. Please always protect your skin with SPF.

Is the consistency thick or thin? Does is absorb well or is it greasy? What is the fragrance?

Creamy texture that isn’t too thick or too thin. The fragrance is a beautifully fresh, light, pleasant scent.

Can I use this as an eye cream as well?

Yes, this cream can be used under eyes and works well to plump wrinkled under-eyes.

Rejuvenating Eye Care Cream

Is it going to break me out?

When purchasing skin care products, it is important to do an allergy patch test. However, Jovovo Naturals products are dermatologist & allergy tested.

How is going to make my makeup look?

With super hydrating ingredients, your skin will appear hydrated. This typically improves the appearance of your makeup.

Will this hydrate me?

Jovovo Naturals is made with some of the best ingredients to keep your skin hydrated. Remember to drink lots of H20!

Will this help with puffiness?

Jovovo Naturals has ingredients such as Green Tea Extract (wildcrafted camellia sinuses, wildcrafted arnica montana)

Will this prevent wrinkles?

Jovovo Naturals includes anti-aging ingredients such as (organic coconut oil, CoEnzyme Q10, wildcrafted Mahonia Aquifolia {Oregon Grape},organic rosa canine {rosehip oil})


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